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ChuXing (CX) Optical Fiber Application Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2001. Located in the " New Technology Development Zone", known as the "China Optical Valley" in Wuhan. Chuxing is devoted to the research and development of the highest quality of production, sales, and service. This concept makes us one of the top Sino foreign joint venture, the high technology company in China. ChuXing is a leader in advanced technology and currently one of very few production company who is capable of developing metalized fiber processing at the highest level possible. The largest domestic company and throughout Asia in the production of base optical fiber. Provide our mastery skill of technology with in the fields of optical fiber communications, industrial laser, optical fiber sensing units, and in the field of health care fiber optic applications of the highest quality. We has supplied industries such as the aerospace, national defense, and other additional industries with technical services, research, and creative development of innovative designed products. With all the good reputations, ChuXing has become the first choice supplier of fiber optic products, which include optical lens fiber products mounting to more than 80% of the shared markets both with domestic and international companies. We are commonly known as a world class supplier in the field of fiber optics. Thereby receiving the highest recognition and awards for our professional and technical achievements, with strictly followed by ISO 9001, 2000 International Quality System, which proves by the 12 patents and copyrights within the field of scientific innovation and technical management. ChuXing is continuously improving products quality with the advancement of technology. Providing customers with highest level of reliability and performance of our products. This is how Chuxing has been named the "High-tech enterprise" by development zone management since 2004. Our philosophy is to provide users with the latest and highest quality products, unique technology, and goal of accurateness. Continually develop trustworthy partnership and serving the clients with our value and respect. Make our efforts for the global connection of optical fiber application.

Focus on the customer experience, providing high-value services, is our never-ending pursuit.

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Company Milestones


Wuhan ChuXing Optical Fiber Application Technology Co., Ltd was formed by Mr. Pei Guan and Ms. Cuiying Liu, the former engineers of Wuhan Telecom Devices Company (WTD). Founded by Dr. Zhaojang Xie (American Chinese) and Dr. Xun Li (Canadian Chinese).


1、Mass production of Metalized lens fiber.

2、Chuxing's first contract with Military. Provide high-power Nd: YAG solid-state laser on the SMA905 energy fiber jumper to the Tianjin Institute of Nuclear Industry.

3、Cooperated with Beijing Aerospace University for the developing of Y branch waveguide splitter, used for optical fiber gyroscope interference light.

4、Cooperate with PLA Naval University of Engineering, by applying company's independent research and development of components package welding system, to make trial of fiber optic hydrophone for the large ships.


1、Adopt QIS2000 Management system,implementing the data management.

2、Insisted by US photoelectric giants, Chuxing started the development of air-tight optical fiber array.


1、Cooperate with well-known US company, create the home base for high quality medical fiber production.

2、Independently designed and developed automatic polishing equipment, increased the quality, efficiency, and stability in production.

3、Expansion of factory,established high-energy transmission jumper production line.

4、Invited to the photoelectric exhibition in Munich, Germany.


1、Chuxing adopted E- commerce for customer convenient. Provide additional services with WeChat, Blog, etc.

2、Participated in the US SPIE photonics West, and the US (OFC) Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition.

Quality Assurance

  • Harmonious labor relations enterprise
  • High and new technology enterprise certificate
  • National security major project certificate of honor
  • ISO9001 quality system certification
  • ISO9001 Certificate of quality system certification 2
  • Gazelle Enterprise Award

Management policy

Enterprise development and customer demand, management system and business performance.
To save resources and protect the environment, enterprise development and employee value synergy.

Chixing fiber and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University signed a cooperation agreement on optical interconnection technology industry, jointly set up in Shanghai Jiao Tong University"The Joint Laboratory for the technology of the star interconnection technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University”,Research and development of chixing fiber will invest 25 million yuan in research funding for optical interconnection technology industrialization

University of Tokyo, Japan and the world's leading research team in the field of optical research team and its start-up company Photonics Inc., Advanced (APi) to expand technical cooperation, and investment to become the largest shareholder of APi. Advanced AOC APi technology transfer to the

The parent company of four chixing fiber communication is the largest China fiber connector company, with the production capacity of AOC upstream soft fiber optic cable and optical devices, and provide strong support in the promotion of market

Chixing fiber with the help of APi, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the group's advantage, sustainable development, 56G, 100G and 40G high-speed active optical cable products and board interconnection, interconnection and other advanced optical interconnect products